→ I'm Francesco Imola, an artist, editor, designer, and curator based in London. 

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Arts from University of Greenwich, where I now edit e-learning content, curate events, and design frameworks to help students make work abiding by Covid-19 legislations in the UK.

Recently, I worked on a few self-initiated projects. Among them a webwork articulating personal ideas of home, a show exploring desires and obstacles faced by artists in isolation, and a series of digital gardens. Explore the rest of them on The Dots.

I have previously worked with ONE Project London, UoG Galleries, TEDx Greenwich University, Art Night London, Nunnery Gallery, and Getintothis.

My work has been featured on Harbor Review, Fourculture, Emotion Wave, Rockit and in several physical and online exhibitions.

Let's get in touch! You can follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Are.na.

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